International Selkirk Loop
"One of the best vacations ever!  Gorgeous mountains, beautiful lakes, great accommodations & very good restaurants. I will recommend this trip to everyone."
-J. Demaria, Sarasota, FL

Marvel at the awesome beauty around every corner of the International Selkirk Loop, a 450 km / 280-mile scenic drive encircling the spectacular Selkirk Mountains in northeast Washington, northern Idaho and southeast British Columbia.

Play on the Loop’s crystal clear rivers and lakes, or traverse its mountain trails to view snow-capped peaks and the extraordinary variety of wildlife. Explore charming communities with fascinating history, fun festivals and picturesque settings. 

Nearly the entire Loop route follows rivers and lakeshores, which historically were used for transportation, by native tribes, explorer David Thompson, gold seekers on the Wild Horse Trail, and early settlers. Today the Loop’s lakes, rivers, and trails are a vast uncrowded playground with a myriad of opportunities for year-round recreation, scenic beauty and unique cultures.

Explore the International Selkirk Loop, designated one of only 27 All-American Road National Scenic Byways in the US, and discover the wonderful surprises that await you around every corner!


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